Rihanna New York Fashion Week Sep 2013

Reported in Both the New York Post and Daily Mail we found these photos of Rihanna in what appears to be our Vintage Dot Stockings! In mid 2013 we responded to a request for samples from a stylist for a photo shoot with Rihanna. As with a lot of these requests we often don't find out what gets shot if anything. It looks like our Vintage Dot Stockings (9910) and one of our Garter Belts did make it "out during Fashion Week" with Rihanna. We launched the Vintage Dot in 2003 (check out our 2003 Catalogue Cover) over 10 years ago. These stockings have since made their way to other retailers at over twice our price – however you can enjoy them from SIL in 5 sizes and 8 colors for $21

Left Fleur   Also Shown with Rihanna New York Fashion Week Sep 2013   Right Fleur

Vintage Dot RHT

Style 9910

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Intrigue Garter Belt

Style 3120

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